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    Cağ Kebabı

    The most iconic dish of Erzurum is cağ kebabı. Marinated in a unique way, cağ kebabı is served on skewers.

    Kadayıf Dolması

    Kadayıf was included in the list of dishes served in soup kitchens during the Seljuk and Principalities era. Kadayıf was among the Sultan's choice of desserts. The type of shredded wheat known as "kadayıf dolması" in Erzurum is consumed by wrapping with walnuts, covered with eggs, fried in a pan and then syrupped. Make sure that you taste stuffed kadayıf in Erzurum.

    Çivil and Göğermiş Cheese

    Erzurum is also famous for its dairy products, and we suggest you to taste çivil cheese and göğermiş cheese.

    Local Dishes

    Among other local dishes of Erzurum are su böreği, pestil çullaması, curd dolma, iron dessert, stuffed sour cabbage, kavut haşılı, gliko, mulberry molasses, stew with aşma, ayranaşı soup and kesme soup.

    Geographically marked products include Kadayıf Dolması, Cağ Kebabı, Stewed Beans of İspir, Civil Cheese, Hınıs Beans, Sweet Beans of Narman, Karnavat Mulberry Molasses of Karnavas, Göğermiş Cheese, and Erzurum Su Böreği (cheese stuffed pastry).

    The tea sipped with sugar cubes and lemon in a local fashion called "kıtlama" is the favorite beverage of the city.