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    Çoruh River

    Located in Çoruh basin, which is declared the most habitable environment by World Health Organization, Erzurum is home to breathtaking natural beauties. Çoruh River is a significant spot for water sports. Offering very suitable conditions for water sports including rafting and canoeing, Çoruh River is a popular destination among rafters with its challenging rapids.

    Hınıs Canyon

    Hınıs Canyon in the south is a fascinating geological structure with its endemic plant diversity and unexplored natural life. Hınıs Canyon is a riviera and vessel type canyon, and Hınıs Creek running through the Canyon is popular among rafters when the creek has a high flow rate.

    Tortum Waterfall

    Tortum Waterfall that is one of Türkiye’s highest waterfalls, and Lake Tortum, are among the unique beauties of Erzurum. Uzundere district where Tortum Waterfall and Lake are, was declared the 11th Slow City in Türkiye by the International Cittaslow Executive Board.


    Famous for its gardens, fruits, mulberry, honey and molasses, Tortum is famous for its nature, climate and vegetative cover, as well as the Valley of Butterflies that hosts 225 of 416 butterfly species recorded in Türkiye.

    Inhale the fresh air and the smell of nature in the Valleys of Tortum at Çoruh Basin which presents a feast for eyes with butterfly and plant species.

    Smell the Alpine flowers and the nature with the endemic speciesat Palandöken and Sultan Sekisi.

    Seven Lakes of İspir

    Seven Lakes of İspir are among Türkiye's hidden treasures waiting to be explored. Even though it is possible to drive to the lakes with a regular automobile, off-road vehicles are preferred for gravel roads.The best times to visit Seven Lakes, the favorite destination of mountaineers is after June 15 and late August.

    Five Lakes of Narman 

    Five Lakes of Narman is located 121 km to Erzurum and 25 km to Narman. It is made up of five lakes of various sizes. A pristine area with unique beauties, it is located 2 km away from Otlutepe Quarter (village) plateau in the south of the Narman district. The Five Lakes area is suitable for camping and trekking, and the best time to visit the area is in summer.