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  • 48 hours

    in Erzurum

    First Day

    The itinerary that is made up of historical sites located in the city center and within walking distance from one another, is the best cultural route that is also known as the historical campus. Destinations that shed light on the Erzurum of the Roman, Saltuklu, Seljuk, Ottoman and Republic eras will give you general information about Erzurum.

    You can choose one of the restaurants that serve local dishes such as ayranaşı soup, cağ kebab and kadayıf dolma.

    Bastions of Erzurum, Abdurrahman Gazi Tomb, the magnetic road and Palandöken Ski Resort can easily be added to the daily route.

    Second Day

    The itinerary can be designed as a day-trip starting in the central district of Erzurum, then visiting Bağbaşı and Öşvank Monasteries, Tortum Lake and Waterfall in Uzundere district, and taking a lunch break at Seven Lakes.

    You can order some Cağ Kebab - the local special - or red-scale trout for health and vitality.

    After lunch, make sure that you visit the Fairy Chimneys of Narman which is called the Land of Red Fairies.